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Welcome to
Mother Moon

Metaphysical Wonderment


Divination & Restoration

Explore the world of manifestation with the Goddess Selene and the power of her Moon.
Discover rituals, pendulums and wands or look into the past present and future through the stars, tarot and meditation.


Mindfulness focus on your true self and essential being to develop inner peace

Crystal Solutions

Nature’s Jewels


Used as an active vibrational therapy to bring mental and physical balance within the human energy field


Looking for spiritual growth, prosperity or love - think vibrational crystal power

Need confidence, have an exam, want good business sense, use crystals for each day and what it brings. 

Lady luck wears Aventurine, the light hearted socialite loves her Rose Quartz and the creative need the inspiration of Carnelian. 

Tummy troubles? wear your Citrine bracelet, sore throat ? Lapis Lazuli earrings.

Working near a computer?   Wear a Sodalite necklace to block EMFs or place protective stones around the work-space.

There are stones that support physical health, stones that aid in times of stress in order to create ease and stones that help to understand and adapt to situations that surround us.


Empower yourself for every need



Phytotherapy is a science-based approach to using plants or herbs to promote subtle yet effective method to treat or prevent health conditions. 

Geared toward lifestyle, our products provide methods that suit ease of use and portability. 

We offer inhalers, and transdermal skin ointments, roll-ons and balms.

Order hemp and herbal products, smudge sticks / sprays, insect repellants, dried herbs or tea blends. Each Herbal Solution is a propriety blend of pesticide free medicinal herbs, prepared in convenient sizes and formulas based on proven recipes by certified herbalists to provide the best solutions for everyday health needs.

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