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Uncover Divine Secrets Within and Without

Flowing with the powerful virtues of the Moon, use these tools to enhance intuitive capabilities through ritual meditation and manifest the desired changes in your life.   No dream is too small.  Reach for the brightest star and live to your highest potential.


Moon Manifestation

The practice of attracting energy and changing idea into reality can be furthered along with the nurturing support of the Moon. Selenite is the stone that can be an excellent tool for meditation and dreamwork as it is protective and calming while opening up a strong link to innate intuition.

Hold loosely, breathe slowly and allow the magic to begin.

Meditation Aids

The practice of meditating has a long history across time and continents as a method of stress relief and developing inner peace.  It invokes the non-action of mindfuless.  Being present in the moment while completely focused on each breath will bring you to a place of calm.  Regular or daily meditation, even for as little as 15 minutes a day can be beneficial to overall mental and physical health. 


An art at it best, looking into the future and delving into the past can unlock personal mysteries, answer internal questions and deepen the connection between us on earth and the higher self that oversees us above.  Open up the line of communication to ask for answers and solutions to everyday issues.  Release fears and free up potential for the greatness you were born to have.

Whether through cards or charting or programming a pendulum its never too late to connect inward to help further the understanding of happens around us.

Moon Apparel

Enhance the power of any ritual or divining practice with honoring the Moon herself. Display symbols, collect Moon crystals, wear clothing, jewelry and more to show your love and appreciation for her support in guiding you along your journey.

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